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(1) Corporate mission

Create value for customers and create opportunities for employees

Create prospects for enterprises and create wealth for society

(2) Corporate vision

We are committed to grow into a first-class enterprise in the field of chemical circulation in China, to serve customers with environment-friendly, practical and cutting-edge chemicals, and to become an excellent partner of well-known chemical enterprises at home and abroad.

(3) Enterprise spirit

Forge ahead, unity and innovation, responsible and dedicated, sincere gratitude.

(4) Business philosophy

Quality first, customer first, create a win-win situation;

To treat people honestly, to do things honestly, to start a career honestly.

(5) Employment policy

Have virtue have ability, promote reuse; Have virtue without ability, train appointment;

No virtue has talent, limit the use; No virtue no talent, never use.

(6) Course of action

With good reputation, quality service, efficient management based on the society; With all rivers run into the sea, the attitude of thick accumulation shows in the peer.

(7) Team spirit (learning, professionalism, efficiency, assistance, simplicity)

A. We insist on lifelong learning

Learning not only enables the company to meet customer needs, but also has the ability to stand in the forefront of industry technology, constantly launch new products and services, and exceed customer expectations. Learning is the driving force for the company to keep moving forward.

B. We believe in professionalism

Occasional opportunities can obtain short-term profits, only professional, to obtain long-term success, only professional to make the company’s products, get customer trust, to ensure the long-term development of the company, professional will improve customer trust, get customer respect, professional is the foundation of our business.

[C]. We pursue efficiency

Efficiency requires us, a little faster, do a little more, efficiently meet customer requirements, so that our products can quickly occupy the market.

[D]. We advocate collaboration

Collaboration makes the company dynamic and efficient; Cooperation makes us better serve customers, cooperation makes us and suppliers equal harmony, create a win-win situation.

E. We want simplicity

We require simplicity in both work and life, believing that complexity will affect “efficiency, speed, hit ratio and execution”. Only simplicity and easy execution conform to business rules, and only simplicity has commercial value.


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